Entry Classes – Adult

Schedule of Entry Classes 2017 – General

Previous winners at the annual showEntries are invited in the classes listed – there is something for everyone. For children there are special classes they can enter.

The entrance fee is 20p per entry for all classes except Classes 29, 57 to 61 which are 50p, and Junior Classes 82 to 97 which are 10p.

Please get your entry in early to help the organisers. All adult entries received after Wednesday 5th July will be charged at 50p.

You can download the Show Schedule here which includes the entry form: 2017 Schedule & Entry Form.pdf


Except where specifically shown as otherwise, prizes in all classes are £1.00 for the first, 50p for the second, and 30p for the third prize. Rosettes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each Class.  See ‘Challenge Cups and Special Prizes’.

All cups are awarded to the winner with the greatest number of points in the relevant section unless otherwise stated (note Regulation 12) along with an RHS certificate. Rosettes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each class along with Best in Show and Best Artwork.

Schedule of Entry Classes – General

Section 1 NOVICES
Judge: Mr R. Bailey & Mr C. Lathwell

Entry to this novice class is open to members who have not won a prize in any previous Petersham Flower Show
  1. One single bloom
  2. One vase of flowers, mixed kinds
  3. One dish of vegetables, one or more kinds
  4. One house plant (floral or foliage)

Section 2 FLOWERS
Judge: Mr R. BaileyA winning rose in our Flowers section

  1. One red rose with own foliage
  2. One pink rose with own foliage
  3. One yellow or orange rose with own foliage
  4. One white rose with own foliage
  5. Four roses, one or more varieties
  6. One vase of miniature roses, 3 sprays
  7. One vase of climbing roses, 3 sprays
  8. One spike of flowers, one stem only
  9. One vase of pinks
  10. Two vases of flowers, any two distinct kinds
  11. One vase of herbaceous flowers
  12. One vase of liliums, 3 spikes
  13. One vase of ornamental grass(es)
    Max height of 80cm
  14. One vase of mixed sweet peas, 12 stems
  15. One vase of annuals
  16. A spray of a shrub (other than roses) bearing fruit, flowers and/or foliage
  17. One bowl of pansies, 6 blooms
  18. The most uncommon flower, named if possible
  19. African violet, one in pot
  20. One hanging basket
  21. A floral pot plant
  22. Two pots of cacti or succulents (pots not to exceed 6 inches in diameter)
  23. One zonal or regal pelargonium/geranium (grown in a pot not exceeding geranium grown in a pot not exceeding 6 inches in diameter)
  24. One vase of mixed garden flowers
  25. The Garden News Top Vase
    (Details and Rules as set out in ‘Hints for exhibitors’)

    Prizes: 1st – £2.50; 2nd – £1.50: 3rd – £1.00. Entry Fee 50p

Section 3 FRUIT
Judge: Mr C. Lathwell

  1. Dish of redcurrants or whitecurrants, 5 strigs
  2. Dish of blackcurrants, 5 strigs
  3. Dish of gooseberries of one variety, 10 fruits, with stalks
  4. Dish of strawberries, 10 fruits, with stalks
  5. Dish of raspberries, 10 fruits, with stalks
  6. Dish of loganberries, 10 fruits, with stalks
  7. One dish of fruit, any one kind not specified in this section

Judge: Mr C. Lathwell

Image of Mr Studman judging vegetables

  1. Dish of five potatoes, white of any shape
  2. Dish of five potatoes, other than white, of any shape
  3. Six pods of peas with stalks
  4. Six pods of broad beans with stalks
  5. Six pods of dwarf beans with stalks
  6. Three onions with full green tops (as grown, no weight limit)
  7. Three beetroots, globe variety
  8. Three carrots, long pointed
  9. Two cabbages
  10. Nine shallots (pickling; must be able to go through a 30 mm ring)
  11. Nine shallots (exhibition, no size limit)
  12. Three courgettes of any length/diameter
  13. Two cabbage lettuces
  14. Two cos lettuces
  15. Three sticks of rhubarb
  16. A collection of herbs, three kinds in one container
  17. (a) 3 hens’ eggs (b) small margarine tub of home produced compost
  18. One dish of vegetables of a distinct kind not specified in section
  19. Garlic: three bulbs; no tops
  20. A collection of salading or salad vegetables, any 3 distinct kinds (mustard and cress count as one)
Class 57 Prizes: 1st – £2.50; 2nd –£1.50; 3rd – £1.00. Entry Fee 50p
  1. (a) A collection of mixed vegetables, one of each of six different kinds
    (b) The Garden News Top Tray Class.

    Details and rules as set out in ‘Hints for exhibitors

Judge: Mr R. Bailey

1st Prize – £2.50; 2nd Prize – £1.50; 3rd Prize – £1.00. Entry Fee 50p.

Please note the flower arranging classes are not judged by NAFAS Rules, and exhibits may be of any appropriate size.

  1. A tennis-themed posy
  2. A floral arrangement in a wellington boot
  3. A seasonal hanging wreath of flowers and/or foliage (no artificial decoration)
  4. A wrist corsage

Section 6 COOKERY
Judge: Mr J. Rounce

Some cakes waiting to be judged

Please note, for classes 69, 70, 72a & b and 73, please state when made
  1. A black forest gateau not more than 23cm across (decoration judged)
  2. A citrus meringue pie
  3. 3 Welsh cakes
  4. 3 melting moments (any flavour)
  5. A Spanakopita (filo feta & spinach parcel)
  6. A small Tea Loaf
  7. A small loaf (handmade, not with a bread machine, can be any type of bread)
  8. A bottle of anything drinkable (not necessarily alcoholic)
  9. One jar of chutney or pickle
  10. Three iced coffee and walnut cupcakes (men only)
  11. (a) One jar of jam (b) One jam of marmalade
  12. One jar of lemon curd


Judge: Mrs C. Tudway & Mr D. Parker-Woolway

A prize-winning cushion

All exhibits must have been completed since the 2016 Show. An exhibitor may enter all sub classes of 80, but a maximum of two prints no bigger than 10″ by 10″ in each sub class. Composition should be considered and the image be of a good technical standard.
  1. (a) A sewn article
    (b) An example of needlecraft, e.g. embroidery, tapestry
  2. (a) A knitted article
    (b) A crocheted article
  3. An original painting, drawing or collage
  4. A piece of pottery
  5. A piece of woodwork
  6. Any other example of handicraft not covered by other Section 7 classes
  7. A photographic print
    (a) Portrait
    (b) A local view
    (c) An insect
  8. An example of papercraft (e.g. handmade card; scrapbooking).

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