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    Petersham Horticultural Society was founded 113 years ago. It is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to encourage and enthuse the families living in Petersham to enjoy their gardens. The Annual Flower Show is our biggest event of the year, drawing crowds from far and wide. Why not enter your roses in the show this year?

110th Horticultural show cup results

Here we have the cup winners for the 110th Petersham Horticultural show.

Congratulations to all of you, and to all our prize winners.


Bronze Banksian Medal Malcolm Bell (63 points)
Colonel Bromhead Memorial Cup for Best in Show (any floral, fruit or vegetable class) Juliet Edwards
The Harry Thorne Memorial Prize for most meritorious exhibit of vegetables Jo Chambers
The Cowen Memorial Challenge Bowl (most points, floral categories) Juliet Edwards (14 points)
John Grapes Memorial Prize for most meritorious exhibit of flowers Juliet Edwards Class 15
The Kathleen and Harold Sharp Trophy
(for class 28: vase of mixed garden flowers)
Juliet Edwards
The Lambert Memorial Bowl & Worshipful Company of Gardeners’ Diploma of Excellence (best rose in any class) Lorraine Smith 6 – One Pink rose
The Clifford Bragg Challenge Cup (for most points in fruit classes) H. Denness (17 points)
The Petersham Perpetual Challenge Cup (for most points in vegetable classes) Malcolm Bell (52 points)
Worshipful Company of Gardeners’ Certificate of Merit for Novices Ricklefs
Alf Gundry Memorial Prize (57A) Malcolm Bell
The James Clark Memorial Cup (most points in floral arrangement classes) Harriet Edwards (12 points)
Worshipful Company of Gardeners’ Certificate of Merit for best floral arrangement Harriet Edwards Class 59
The Philip Carr Challenge Cup (most points in cookery classes) Emily Powell-Blyth (19 points)
The North Trophy (for cookery item giving most pleasure) Emily Powell-Blyth Decorated Cake
The Violet Lincoln Memorial Salver (most points in arts and crafts classes) Sheila Brown (21 points)
The Anthony Rampton Memorial Prize for most meritorious photographic exhibit Jospehine Webster (Franziska Orphal) 97 – Children’s favourite Snapshot
The Pamela Griffiths Memorial Cup (most points in junior floral, fruit & vegetables) L. Curtis (17 points)
The Mary Turner Cup (for winner of class 87: fruit, flowers & vegetable figure) Ella Simon (4 points)
The Anne Millard Cup (best junior floral entry) A. Yong-Osman Class 85(C)
RHS Junior Competitor’s Certificate of Merit in Horticulture (for best vegetable in a junior class) A. Yong-Osman
The Edmonds Cup (most points in junior arts, crafts and cookery) Ella Simon (25 points)
The Cowen Cup Oliver (Sudbrook School) School entry
PHS Top Tray (Vegetables) Malcolm Bell (4 points)
PHS Top Vase Malika Kumar (4 points)
Petersham United Charities Prize for best Schools’ entry of fruit, flowers and/or vegetables (Class 99) St Richards
Best In Show Artwork (Adult or Children’s Art) rosette Vivienne Sharratt original painting or drawing

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